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How to get divorce in India: Know about the step by step procedure
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Legal advice is vital at many phases of life

Legal advice while buying or selling the property is important and that’s the reason why property lawyer in Kolkata should help you with all these matters. You should discuss the facts with the lawyer and that will give you the right direction. A good...

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Divorce lawyer in kolkata

In India the divorce rates have increased. Today, women also demand financial independence and freedom of speech and act which is good sign. But when there are issues between couples and lack of understanding this would call for a divorce.  If you are located in Kolkata then you will have to search for the best divorce lawyer in kolkata. This is because divorce case would be a long process and having a good lawyer by your side can offer you peace of mind. The first step towards divorce is filing the petition. So, just read on and get an idea about step by step procedure for divorce. Know about the step by step procedure for divorce ·         First step would be to file the petition. ·         The second step would be service of summons. ·         Then you have to wait for the response or the legal answer that the other party would give. ·         Now, the trial begins at the court of law. ·         You get interim orders for divorce. ·         The last step is where you get final order for divorce. If you are located in Kolkata then the divorce proceedings will be taken up at the state court where you are located. Today, divorce has become a common thing and hence no one is shy to say if he or she has got a divorce. The divorce process is complicated The reason why you would need a good divorce lawyer in Kolkata is because the process is complex and you may lack time to do everything all alone. Even if you are not heading towards a divorce you should take advice of the lawyer for matrimonial disputes and settlements. Having a good lawyer by your side can always be a blessing because whenever there are small issues like matrimonial disputes and settlements then a good lawyer can always find the right solution for your case. The two types of divorce you need to know about If you know a good divorce lawyer in Kolkata then you can involve him for divorce cases and litigation. This is because when things go out of control you have no means but to knock at the doors of the court of law. When taking a divorce it is important to know that divorce can be taken in two ways. ·         Divorce having mutual permission ·         Contested divorce So, in the first case the divorce would be peaceful and hence both the parties give mutual consent for divorce. The couple should have separated for around a year and only then they can get the divorce. In the second case, there are rights involved for both the parties and in case if any of the party fails to meet up to fulfil those things the other party can file the petition for divorce. But since many rules and legal acts are included it would be better that you find a good divorce lawyer in Kolkata who can help you. Some important factors in a divorce case When alimony, property issues and child custody etc are included in any divorce case then there would be more complications. So, the potent solutions should be found first in regards to these factors and then the other proceedings should be taken up. A good divorce lawyer will be capable to find the right solutions for your case. You should discuss the facts with the lawyer so that he would know how to make your case strong. It is true that marriage is a sacred bond, sometimes there might be quarrels and misunderstandings. It would be good if they can be sorted out mutually. But if not, then legal help would be needed and hence a good lawyer should come into picture.  

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